Adventure Park USA

The Client

Adventure Park USA is a fun-filled 17.5-acre mixed-use Entertainment Center. This family-owned and operated center sits in beautiful Monrovia, MD, just a short drive from downtown Baltimore, making it a favorite destination for locals and travelers alike since 1979. The Western-themed 22,000-square-foot main building introduces the guests to the start of fun with over 100 arcade games, eight lanes of mini bowling, and seven exciting indoor attractions. The restaurant and bar fill the air with sweet and savory aromas that entice guests to sit and smell while offering great views of the outdoor attraction park from the adjacent patio dining area. Once outside, guests encounter an assortment of attractions including two 18-holecminiature golf courses, go-karts, family-friendly classics like the carousel and mini coaster, and scream-worthy rides like the Skycoaster and Wildcat Rollercoaster.

As guests wrap up their exhilarating day, they’ll find a fabulous array of redemption prizes to pick from and retail items to help them commemorate their visit. The party rooms line the building perimeter wall enticing guests to plan their next special event with the Adventure Park team and “Come Again Real Soon”.

The Challenge

While Adventure Park had already been running the fun center on a system for many years, they were looking to enhance the guest experience, bring their food and beverage center onto the same software platform, and streamline day-to-day operations for the team.
The goal was to bring guest interaction with the arcade games and attractions to the next generation of technology and decrease frustration. Their older swipe card functionality was causing guests to swipe multiple times just to start a single arcade game which hampered speed of service, level of spend, and overall enjoyment. They were also running their restaurant and bar on a separate system which made selling bundled packages and offering upsells difficult to impossible, which impacted the business model.
Adventure Park USA was seeking a truly all-in-one experience for not only their guests but also their staff.

The Semnox Solution

After deciding it was time to make a change and evaluating the plethora of systems in the market,Adventure Park USA made the decision to partner with Semnox.
“Their customer support and technical support departments dig in and resolve issues quickly,” said Erik Stottlemyer, CEO/COO of Adventure Park USA.

• Semnox was able to import customer data and existing balances from their previous system into the platform making it easy for long-term guests to quickly switch out their old swipe cards with new RFID cards upon their next visit.
• Adventure Park also decided on a phased implementation approach, starting with just the arcade and attractions, making it easier to cross-train and prepare all departments for when Food and Beverage, Group Sales, Child Care, and the Academy divisions were brought on board.
• The location made miniature golf self-serve by adding a reader to a golf ball dispenser enabling guests to pick their own color ball and play golf on their own schedule.
• As an attraction-based center, the ability to utilize wristbands to prevent unlimited play-sharing was critical. The solution was to not only sell RFID wristbands at the POS stations but also to launch four self-serve Wristband Dispensing Kiosks. Since the RFID technology is versatile in performance, the wristband solution allows guests to have unlimited attraction time, arcade value, redemption tickets, and more all on a single band. This cut down on guest sharing, decreased the loss of cards, and introduced a new operational style.

• Semnox also introduced LORA (Long Range) readers in Adventure Park as there were areas where it was difficult to pull LAN wires but considering outdoor environment WiFi is not very reliable so a new reader was designed which supported long range wireless communication with basic line ofsight.

• Semnox’s Ecommerce solution was used by the park to sell play cards, bookings for laser tag, tickets, Gift Cards and to load money.
• The online platform also allowed for booking of party and group packages where guests can make their own package and book the available schedules by paying an advance.

“Our partnership with Semnox has not only improved the way that we do business; it’s also improved how our customers experience our business,” Erik said. “The (guest) experience is top-notch and simple.”
Some Semnox features utilized by Adventure Park include Online Sales & Account Management, Online Party Reservations, Card and Wristband Self-Serve Kiosks, Redemption Management, and inventory control, Kitchen Display systems and Digital Menu boards, an In-Park and Online Recurring Payment program for Season Passes, Indoor and Outdoor readers, and Reporting Suite.

The Results

Adventure Park USA is completely powered by the Semnox Solution. They even expanded the use of the platform to their Mobile Food Truck operation, which is utilized in the facility and offsite in the community for special events.
“Semnox has proven to us they are grounded in integrity and really put our company and success at the forefront,” said Erik.
The hands-on involvement of the park team has also contributed to the success of not only the conversion install but also the daily operations of the facility on the Semnox platform. They continue to look for ways to grow their business and leverage the Semnox software to achieve their goals.