FAQs about the Amusement Park Software & Hardware Solutions

Tixera is an integrated theme park and water park venue management system — which means that it’s a single platform for managing the entire operations of your theme park or water park.

Yes, the Tixera system can be integrated and used for all financial transactions within the park.

Yes, the system is scalable and can be used for multiple locations. Furthermore, with Tixera, all your locations can be managed from the Corporate office itself.

Based on the project’s size and complexity, the setup time is anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks.

Yes. Tixera includes a variety of Access Control Gate options for Parks, based on the requirements. Our system also has the capability of integrating with third-party Access Control Gates.

Our expert team has handled dozens of Change Management projects for Parks over the years. Whether these parks are small or large, the transition has been executed in the most professional & efficient manner. The case studies of our past & ongoing implementations are a testament to this.

There is no minimum size as such. The system works well for a small park as well as a large one. It can even be used for multiple locations.

We offer world-class after-sales support — each of our local offices and partners has the necessary trained personnel to support you. In addition, our global support center offers 24x7 support, with an engineer always available online.

Yes, Tixera includes Korean-made, high-quality RFID locks. The integrated Tixera Park Management module also has the capability of managing locker operations.

Yes. With the integrated solutions approach, Tixera has the capability of managing all park operations without cash transactions.

Tixera has its own Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks that support all aspects of ticketing and F&B operations in a Park.

Yes, Tixera includes high-quality, security-encrypted RFID/Barcode/QR Code-based cards, wristbands, and more, based on customer requirements.

The ticketing approach depends on the geography, size, business nature & park requirements. We provide consulting expertise on the same. That said, from a systems standpoint, we have the capacity to support any approach/s.