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11 Sep

Is the Interface of Your Amusement Park POS Software Impacting Revenue? A Checklist Guide

Is the Interface of Your Amusement Park POS Software Impacting Revenue? A Checklist Guide

When guests visit your venue, the point-of-sale counter is where they first get to interact with your staff. The ideal experience here would be a minimum wait time so that the guests can go inside the park and get down to the business of having fun! If your amusement park point-of-sale has an interface that’s difficult for your cashiers to navigate, they will not be able to process transactions quickly. This will result in queues building up and guests will not get a good first impression! 

Your POS software needs to be fast, flexible, and designed with the cashier’s experience in mind. For instance, the hardware is usually fixed in place and the cashier won’t be able to move the screen forward or backward. This means that the POS interface cannot have regular font and button sizes. Additionally, cashiers cannot afford to only look at the screen — they have to engage with the guest while processing the transactions to create a personalized experience. 

If guests find that they have to wait for a long time to purchase food and beverage items, they are less likely to do so. To put it simply, a lot depends on the intuitiveness of the user interface of your amusement park POS software! 

A Modern Interface for Amusement Park POS Softwares

Over the last decade, the user interfaces of our smartphones and computers have changed significantly. This is fueled by insights into user experience and an evolving understanding of good design principles. So it should come as no surprise that the user interface of a park POS will also evolve with the times!

How do you know if a POS User Interface is up to the mark? Here’s a checklist that you can use to find out!

  • Modern interface: If the interface does not have a consistent and modern look, then it’s probably outdated. 
    • Is there a single font style across all screens? 
    • Do the font sizes scale up and down uniformly? 
    • Does it feel easy on the eyes, or is it strenuous? 
    • How is the readability of the text across screens? 
  • Ease of navigation: The interface must be easy and intuitive to navigate.
    • Does it feel natural when you move from one level of selection to the next, or do you have to move around a lot? 
    • Are there context-specific messages helping you navigate the software? 
    • When executing a set of actions for the first time, do you have step-by-step instructions shown to you?
    • Can your cashiers use the POS with minimal training? 
  • Screen resolution: If you change the monitor of the POS and replace it with a larger or smaller one, does the screen scale smoothly and appropriately? 
  • Touch targets: Are the buttons large enough? Is there enough space between them to avoid pressing the wrong buttons? 

This checklist should help you effectively assess an amusement park POS system interface. With a modern and intuitive interface, your cashiers can process transactions quickly, prevent queues from building up, and create a brilliant impression on guests. And of course, this will directly result in soaring profits for your venue!



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