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11 Nov

Maintain the Health of Your Assets with Tixera’s Amusement Venue Maintenance Module — Here’s How!

Maintain the Health of Your Assets with Tixera’s Amusement Venue Maintenance Module — Here’s How!

Setting up an amusement venue or theme park is an expensive affair — the equipment requires a massive investment upfront. Ensuring that the equipment performs optimally and stays up and running will be one of the top priorities on any operator’s mind. 

While finding new and innovative ways to improve sales is important, it’s equally important to ensure the health of your park assets and equipment. Broken or malfunctioning equipment leads to downtime and lost revenue. There’s also the question of guest satisfaction and safety — you don’t want your park to earn a bad reputation for closed rides and damaged equipment! This is where theme park maintenance and upkeep management come into the picture. 

Streamlining the Process of Maintaining Your Park

The Tixera maintenance module helps you track daily opening and closing checklists, scheduled tasks, repair and upkeep activities, schedule maintenance, and log-in task completion updates. Here’s how it works: 

  1. The module allows you to define various assets, asset groups, tasks, ad hoc jobs, and schedules for recurring jobs. 
  2. Operators can set up task lists for daily operations or scheduled maintenance and repair operations.
  3. These tasks can be assigned to particular technicians or maintenance personnel with start and end times.
  4. On the field, technicians can use the maintenance tablet app to see their tasks and mark them as completed when the task is done. 
  5. Operators can monitor the completion of maintenance activities in the park using alerts and detailed reports. They can also create follow-up requests as part of scheduled safety and maintenance checks.
  6. Staff can also create service requests for repair tasks with images and details of what’s to be repaired.

The module enables easy tracking and maintenance of assets based on safety regulations specific to your region. It also offers automated scheduling and job creation based on the initial setup! 

Get Complete Visibility on Park Maintenance Operations

Undertaking preventative maintenance helps you get ahead of potential problems and avoid downtime. It extends the healthy lifespan of your assets without increasing the workload on your staff. 

With total visibility on the upkeep and repair activities, you can identify maintenance-heavy assets and know exactly how much time and money they consume. 
The Tixera maintenance module helps you run your park with confidence, leaving nothing to chance! Want to consistently deliver a safe and secure experience to your guests? Then reach out to a Tixera representative today — email us at or call us right away!



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